1 1 : 1 1 Music Production




Composing & Sound Design

Whether it’s for film, TV, documentaries, an educational videos, or advertising,  music provides context and subtext to the imagery, dialogue, narration and cinematography that has been meticulously constructed by talented writers, directors, cinematographers and producers like yourselves. 

Utilising a range of composition and production tools, 11:11can craft original scores and bespoke soundtracks to create the emotion and atmosphere needed to support the story you are telling.


Advertising & Sonic Branding

11:11 specialise in scoring to picture, and crafting highly recognisable compositions, sound scapes and jingles that integrate seamlessly with the products and services. With years of practical experience in marketing, brand strategy and finance, 11:11 work collaboratively with their partners to deliver their creative and financial goals.

 In the crowded market place of the digital age, sonic branding is as imperative as a brand’s visual image. Music and sound removes the barriers of language and culture, and evokes a visceral and emotional response that transcends intellect and reasoning.  Independent studies have concluded that sonic branding can increase brand recall up to 30%, and positively influence a consumers impressions of a brand, product, or service. It has been a critical marketing asset that has underpinned the successful advertising campaigns for companies such as Coke, McDonalds, Intel, Audi and Mastercard -  facilitating their sales growth and customer loyalty.


Recording the voice of your brand, education/instructional video, or automated messages? 11:11 have the experience and facilities to record and produce your next voice over session to the highest quality and broadcast standards.


Have a track recorded already and looking for a mix engineer to unleash the emotion and energy in your song? 11:11can deliver a high quality, high impact mix that remains true to the aesthetic of the song’s genre. Mixing can be completed remotely, so any discussions about the requirements for the project can be done over the phone or online.