“Its all about supporting the narrative of the story”.

Regardless of whether it’s a film, a documentary, an education video, or advertising,  music provides context and subtext to the imagery, dialogue and narration that has been meticulously constructed by talented writers, directors, and producers. 

Mark’s role as a composer for 11:11 Music Productions, is to interpret the intentions of the creators to their audience, through the unspoken language of music – the guiding hand that causes them to think, feel and emotionally react.

Music is fulfilling its function most efficiently when it is not being heard consciously. It can communicate to an audience;

·      mood, emotional context, and tension;

·      physical setting, social and geographical location, and time period;

·      plot relationships, character thoughts, and unseen implications;

·      and help them recall and remember key information.

In consultation with film creatives, marketing and brand strategists, and business owners alike, Mark uses a range of compositional and production tools to create an original score, that supports and fulfils their vision.


Zoe: Written & Directed by: Derek Abel - Music by: Mark Fogliano

Synopsis: Zoe and her father have lived in space all their lives. Their home is about to blow up. Their only chance is an old escape pod but there’s only room for one. What awaits them on Earth if they make it back alive?


GLITCH: Directed by: Mariia Oshemkova - Music/Sound Design: Mark Fogliano

What it is like in the mind of an individual who lives with depression and anxiety? In the benign setting of a café, this horrible affliction can attack at any given moment. This is the story told as a visual and musical experience.